Friday, December 25, 2009

Tim's Two Cents-December 25

Who's going to be the next sports icon for TMZ?

Attention Athletes From All Over the World: Harvey Levin Would Like to Have a Word With You.  Those are words that would probably make them cringe, especially with today being Christmas.  Word is that, which Levin founded is going to be branching out into the sports world sometime soon with TMZ Sports.  One can only assume the content of the site will be very similar to that of  That could mean athletes will have to adjust to a new way of life.  Get ready to be treated like a real celebrity.

I, for one think this is a very good business move given what we've learned about certain athletes in the past few months, like Tiger Woods and Alex Rodriguez.  Rodriguez amitted to using performance enhancing drugs before the start of the 2009 MLB season.  We all know what's become of Tiger Woods recently. is part of the new phase of non-traditional media that from time to time covered stories that traditional media outlets don't cover.

So what do I expect to come out of TMZ Sports?  We will most definitely learn some not so pleasant things about our iconic sports heroes that we have come to love over the years.  We now live in a time where we're not surprised by what high profile celebrities lives are really like.  The same could go for athletes very soon.  Tiger Woods was just the tip of the iceberg.  With the impending arrival of TMZ Sports, athletes lives will change forever.  I say "Bring it on Harvey Levin."

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