Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tim's Two Cents December 17-Bonus Edition

With Christmas nearly upon us, tis the season of giving and give I shall.  In this special bonus edition of Tim's Two Cents, I discuss a couple stories from college sports in Division I as well as more on Tiger Woods.

1. The Big Ten Conference Adding Another Football Team?  Word is that the Big Ten, which currently has 11 teams, is exploring the possibility of adding another team.  First, explain to me how a conference with 11 teams is still called the Big Ten?  Second, the discussion of further expansion shows that the conference is only interested in one thing: making money.  Rumor is Rutgers is the early favorite to join.  This is not the only issue college football has.  Need I remind you about the joke that is the BCS system.  Overall, this is not a good idea for a conference that already has enough exposure right now.

2. NCAA March Madness Expanding?  The NCAA could also be looking into expanding March Madness from 65 teams to 96.  The proposed plan would give the top 32 teams a bye and add an additional weekend to the event.  March Madness is a great event which involves many teams from across the country.  It is the true definition of a playoff system in college sports.  So NCAA, please don't fix what isn't broken.  There are already enough schools involved to begin with.  In addition, most of those new schools who would get in would probably lose in the first round anyway.  Leave the tournament as it is.

3. Tiger Woods Update.  The Tiger Woods story continues to unravel.  In the midst of being named AP Athlete of the Decade, we continue to learn more about Tiger Woods personal life.  Woods has now reportedly been connected with Canadian doctor Anthony Galea, who specializes in sports medicine.  Galea, who treated many high profile patients, including Woods, was formally charged yesterday over unapproved drug sales, including human growth hormone and conspiring to export and smuggle them out of the country.  Sources also are now saying that Tiger's wife, Elin Nordegren is going to file for a divorce.  As the saga unfolds, the one thing I keep thinking about is how far Tiger has fallen in the past few weeks.  

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