Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tim's Two Cents-December 20

Yesterday while I was flipping through my television channels, I came across a college basketball game between the Texas Longhorns and North Carolina Tarheels in Texas.  Texas was victorious over North Carolina 103 to 90, but that's not why this game was so noteworthy.  The theme of this was all about location, location, location.  Yes indeed.  That's because it was played at the big behemoth that is Cowboys Stadium.  You heard correctly.  Cowboys Stadium!

Try to picture a basketball court underneath THAT video monitor!

Now I'm used to seeing the Final Four each year at a domed stadium throughout the country, but not a measily regular season contest.  The high-definition big screen videoboard in the center of the stadium towered over everything else and made the court look microscopic in size.  There didn't look to be very many, if any, people seated in the upper deck.  Now I guess the obvious reasons for doing something like this would be to have more people attend the game as well as create more buzz for the new stadium.  God knows they need it with the joke of a team the Cowboys are these days.  For a regular season game, however, I don't think something like this is worth it when I can just watch it from the comfort of my own couch.

Photo coutesy: Wikimedia Commons and Mahanga under the GNU Free Documentation License 

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