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Top 10 MLB Network Right Now-Insiders

Does Mr. Bow Tie For A Cause occupy the top spot?

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Hello and welcome to the second installment of Top 10 MLB Network Right Now where we rank the various personalities of MLB Network using our own version of objective methodology combined with the personality makeup of the individual.  We call it the Sports Network Television Shredder.

In today's episode we will focus on the Insiders of MLB Network.  The Insiders are responsible for providing the latest up-to-date information on trade rumors, free agent signings and various other pertinent team transactions.  In other words this is no easy task that bears a huge responsibility for those willing to take it on.

One more thing before we release the Shredder's rankings.  Since MLB Network has a grand total of 6 Insiders on their payroll this will be a Top 6 list rather than the usual Top 10.  And remember, your are always free to agree or disagree with the Shredder's rankings.  With that in mind, here is the Top 10 MLB Network Right Now-Insiders Edition.

1. Ken Rosenthal-Rosenthal takes the top spot on the Sports Network Television Shredder's Insiders list.  In addition to his appearances on Hot Stove and MLB Tonight, Rosenthal also has a presence with Fox Sports and their coverage of Major League Baseball happenings.  He even writes his own series of columns for Fox Sports on their website.

When it comes to reporting on the latest information on the league, Rosenthal's skills are second to none.  He consistent track record of breaking the major stories before most of his colleagues while also giving credit to others is a perfect illustration of his excellent reputation and top notch work ethic within the industry.

2. Jon Heyman-At number two on the Shredder's list, Heyman's reporting of various deals and transactions is fearless and yet unnerving for agents everywhere when it comes to throwing out the rumored terms on contract negotiations for various players.

As an agent, you have to build a very strong working relationship with the CBS Sports writer to feel somewhat comfortable with his style of reporting.

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3. Tom Verducci-Verducci lands in the third spot on the Shredder's list.  Verducci's work at Sports Illustrated continues to be some of the finest pieces of journalism you will see anywhere.  His reporting on baseball's steroid scandal was flawless, especially at a time when the sport essentially did all it could to ignore it and sweep it under the rug.

Luckily that didn't happen and the sport now has one the toughest Performance Enhancement Drug policies of any sport.

He also has some pretty innovative ideas on how to improve the game today and for the future which is a plus for the game going forward under Commissioner Rob Manfred's leadership.

4. Peter Gammons-Since joining the MLB Network family in 2010, Gammons still does some masterful work that is reminiscent of his days at the World Wide Leader in ESPN.  His behind-the-scenes access style of reporting is a nice touch in today's game of baseball.

5. Jon Paul Morosi-Occupying the number 5 spot, Jon Paul Morosi profiles as a potential rising star among MLB Network's stable of Insiders.  If he keeps up his current path of trajectory, Morosi could potentially crack into the top 3 on this list.

6. Joel Sherman-Along with Ken Rosenthal, Joel Sherman is the epitome of professional sports journalism.  He gets his fair share of inside scoop and gives credit where credit is due.  What more could you want in the pursuit of journalistic excellence.

So there you have it.  This is the Sports Network Television Shredder's Top 6 MLB Network Right Now Insiders' list.  What's yours?

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